Journal of Oceania Asia Studies

Revenue Sources Policy

The Journal of Oceania Asia Studies is committed to transparency and integrity in all aspects of its operations, including its revenue sources and financial practices. As an open-access scholarly journal, we rely on various revenue sources to cover the costs of publication and ensure the sustainability of our journal.

Sources of Revenue:

Publication Fees: The Journal of Oceania Asia Studies charges nominal publication fees to authors for the submission, peer review, and publication of their manuscripts. These fees help cover the costs associated with the publication process, including editorial management, peer review, typesetting, hosting, and indexing.
Oceanian Authors: USD 120
Asian Authors: USD 190
American/European/Canadian Authors: USD 200
African Authors: USD 150
Other International Authors: USD 140

Advertising: We may generate revenue through advertising opportunities on our website, including banner advertisements, sponsored content, and promotional features. Advertising revenue helps offset operational costs and supports the development and maintenance of our online platform.

Institutional Support: We may receive financial support from academic institutions, research organizations, and funding agencies to help cover the costs of publication and support the mission of our journal. Institutional support may include sponsorships, grants, or subsidies provided by external partners.

Donations and Grants: We welcome donations and grants from individuals, organizations, and foundations that share our commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and open-access publishing. Donations may be used to support specific initiatives or projects, such as the development of new features or the expansion of our editorial team.

Author Reprints: Authors may purchase reprints of their published articles for personal or promotional purposes. Revenue generated from author reprints helps cover printing and distribution costs and supports the ongoing operation of our journal.

Use of Revenue:

Revenue generated through these sources is used to cover the following expenses:

> Editorial management and peer review services
> Typesetting, formatting, and production of published articles
> Website hosting, maintenance, and technical support
> Marketing and promotion of the journal to attract submissions and readership
> Staff salaries, administrative expenses, and overhead costs
> Investments in technology, infrastructure, and innovation to enhance the quality and accessibility of our publications

Transparency and Accountability:
We are committed to transparency and accountability in our financial practices and revenue management. We regularly review and disclose information about our revenue sources, expenditures, and financial performance to our stakeholders, including authors, readers, reviewers, and institutional partners.

Contact Us:
If you have any questions or concerns about the revenue sources policy of the Journal of Oceania Asia Studies, please contact us at We are committed to transparency and openness in all aspects of our operations and welcome feedback from our stakeholders.