Journal of Oceania Asia Studies

Publication Fees

The Journal of Oceania Asia Studies is committed to providing open access to scientific knowledge and charges nominal publication fees to authors for the submission, peer review, and publication of their manuscripts. Our publication fees are as follows:

Oceanian Authors: USD 120

Asian Authors: USD 190

American/European/Canadian Authors: USD 200

African Authors: USD 150

Other International Authors: USD 140

These publication fees help cover the costs associated with the publication process, including editorial management, peer review, typesetting, hosting, and indexing. We believe that these fees are reasonable and competitive within the academic publishing industry, while still allowing us to maintain high standards of quality and integrity in publishing.

Why We Charge Publication Fees:

Sustainability: Publication fees help ensure the long-term sustainability of our journal and support our mission of providing open access to scientific knowledge.

Quality Assurance: Charging publication fees allows us to invest in the infrastructure and resources necessary to maintain high standards of quality and integrity in publishing, including rigorous peer review and editorial management.

Global Equity: Our tiered fee structure reflects our commitment to equity and fairness, taking into account the economic disparities that exist among researchers in different regions of the world.

How You Can Pay:

Upon acceptance of your manuscript for publication, authors will be provided with payment instructions for the applicable publication fee. We accept payment via bank transfer or online payment platforms, and authors will receive a receipt for their records upon payment.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns about publication fees or our open access policy, please contact us at We are committed to transparency and openness in all aspects of our publishing process and welcome feedback from our authors and readers.