Journal of Oceania Asia Studies

Publication Ethics

The Journal of Oceania Asia Studies, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and integrity. We adhere to the principles outlined by leading organizations such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)  to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and transparency of the research we publish.

Ethical Guidelines for Authors:

Authors submitting manuscripts to the Journal of Oceania Asia Studies are expected to adhere to the following ethical guidelines:

Originality: All submissions must represent original work that has not been previously published elsewhere. Authors should not submit manuscripts that contain plagiarized content or data that has been falsified or fabricated.

Authorship: All individuals who have made significant contributions to the research should be listed as authors. Authors should accurately acknowledge the contributions of all individuals involved in the study and disclose any conflicts of interest.

Data Integrity: Authors should ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data presented in their manuscripts. Data manipulation, fabrication, or selective reporting of results is considered unethical and will not be tolerated.

Citation and Attribution: Authors should appropriately cite and reference the work of others and provide proper attribution for any sources used in their research. Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and will result in the rejection of the manuscript.

Conflict of Interest: Authors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence the interpretation or evaluation of their research findings. Conflicts of interest may include financial relationships, affiliations, or other competing interests that could bias the results or conclusions of the study.

Ethical Guidelines for Editors and Reviewers:

Editors and reviewers play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and quality of the research published in the Journal of Oceania Asia Studies. They are expected to adhere to the following ethical guidelines:

Confidentiality: Editors and reviewers should treat all submitted manuscripts as confidential documents and refrain from disclosing any information about the manuscripts or their contents to unauthorized individuals.

Impartiality: Editors and reviewers should evaluate manuscripts based on their scientific merit, originality, and relevance to the journal's scope, without regard to factors such as the authors' identity, affiliations, or personal relationships.

Transparency: Editors and reviewers should disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could bias their evaluation of the manuscript and recuse themselves from the review process if necessary.

Handling of Ethical Violations:

If ethical concerns arise regarding a submitted manuscript, the Journal of Oceania Asia Studies will investigate the matter promptly and thoroughly. Depending on the severity of the violation, appropriate actions may include rejection of the manuscript, notification of the author's institution or funding agency, or retraction of published articles.

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